wp-shortstat is a litte statistics plugin for WordPress up to version 3.3.1. The plugin was written by Jeff Minard but the latest original version does not work with WordPress 2.02. I fixed this problem and developed further changes to the plugin. Some changes from other people are also included. To send Patches mail to mk(at)happyarts.de

Installation instructions: copy wp-shortstat.php and your language file *.mo (optional) per ftp to your „your_blog/wp-content/plugins“ directory and activate the plugin in the WordPress|Plugins|Plugins-menu. Now you can visit your statistics in WordPress|DashBoard|ShortStat.

Slovene translation from Vid Kosir, Spanish translation from Jaime Gómez Obregón

Update: If you have a large database, you may delete old statistic entries before 2007 with the SQL „SELECT FROM wp_ss_stats WHERE dt < 1167609599“. More about this topic in article „WordPress Tip: Reduce the Size of the WP-ShortStat Database Table“

Version 1.17a (5. October 2011)

  • lithuanian translation from professional translator Nata Strazda, http://www.webhostinggeeks.com
  • ukrainian translation from professional translator Alyona Lompar, http://webhostingrating.com
  • romanian translation from Alexander Ovsov, Web Geek Science http://webhostinggeeks.com

Version 1.16 ( 25. February 2011)

  • translatetion to Bulgarian language from Dimitar Atanasov
  • encoding fixed (Thx to Alexey Demakov)

Version 1.14c (28. July 2009 )

  • disabled more error warnings
  • added new russian translation from Fat Cow
  • Patch from hacker-piao: fixed possible security vulnerabilities

Version 1.14b (19. February 2009 )

  • fixed php warning
  • patch from Eric Caron: fixed possible security problem (prevent SQL injections)

Version 1.14a (08. January 2009)

  • removed support for wordpress before version 2.3, tested up to version 2.7
  • fixed creation of tables at setup
  • compatibility fix for WP_MU
  • removed deprecated functions
  • disabled the country detection, because whois.happyarts.de is not working anymore and there where no more updates to the country panel
  • little bit more space for the modules
  • language template is now included in standard download file

Version 1.13c (14. April 2008)

  • Small changes, maybe improving compatibility with WordPress 2.5
  • Corrected handling of hits having no referrers as suggested by Stian

Version 1.13a (14. November 2007)

  • fixed Bug with not working Browser and Platform Tabs (Thx to Stian for fixing the bug)
  • show percent in Countries tab
  • calculate percentage in Browsers and Platforms tab relative to all hits, where these information are known, not to all hits

Version 1.12b (2. October 2007)

  • small compatibility fix for WordPress 2.3, tested with WordPress 2.3.1
  • we had to switch off the whois.happyarts.net UDP server because of massive server stability problems. We are investigating the problem and may start the service again. Untils this, there is no country code detection possible. Another way to fix this problem would be a local database with ip-ranges and countries. If someone want to write this…

Version 1.12a (8. Januar 2007)

  • new database format, about half the size of the old format
  • added blogger.com to detected search engines
  • fix for broken referer
  • added debug version which shows all errors
  • some internal fixes (uninitialized variables, …)
  • disabled old country detection code
  • If you wish to compress your SQL database to about half of the original size, execute these SQL statements once (replace all ‚ with the standard character before)

    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚language‘ = “ WHERE ‚language‘ = ‚empty‘
    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚browser‘ = “ WHERE ‚browser‘ = ‚Indeterminable‘
    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚version‘ = “ WHERE ‚version‘ = ‚Indeterminable‘
    UPDATE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ SET ‚platform‘ = “ WHERE ‚platform‘ = ‚Indeterminable‘
    ALTER TABLE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ CHANGE ‚country‘ ‚country‘ CHAR( 2 ) NOT NULL
    ALTER TABLE ‚wp_ss_stats‘ DROP ‚user_agent‘

Whois PHP service switched off (13. December 2006)

Now it is 6 months ago that we wrote and launched the UDP-based whois service on our server to process the whois queries in wp-shortstat. The new service replaces the old PHP based ip2country.php script which should not be used anymore. Please download the latest version of wp-shortstat to use the UDP service because the PHP based is switched off now.

Version 1.11 (27. June 2006)

  • fixed lost referer for some strange php configurations

Version 1.10 (22. May 2006)

  • More timeout handling for UDP connect/usage
  • If UDP connect to http://whois.happyarts.net fails, use old TCP algorithm
  • Show feed hits separatly

Version 1.9b (11. May 2006)

  • We added a new country detection service, using our own server written only for wp-shortstat (using c# with mono) and UDP, instead of HTTP with php/apache/mysql as server. We hope, that we can rise the limit of 5 queries/second to at least 50 queries/second. This should also improve the performance of your weblog. Please donate to allow us to improve this service.
  • search termes with special characters (all chars not included in US-ASCII) where not handled correctly
  • more charset problems fixed, we use html entities instead of unicode for output now
  • added new module: „Last Keywords“, shows the last couple of search keywords extracted from the referrers
  • Improved CSS a little bit

Version 1.8 (23. April 2006)

  • added PHP 5 compatibility
  • added more search engine strings

Version 1.7h (06. April 2006)

  • Localized date strings
  • Search terms are now converted to blog charset
  • Fixed more date/time offset problems. Incorrect timestamps where written to the database if server time and wordpress time are differ (thx to John Holman and James Skemp)
  • Added detection to more newer browsers like Safari 2.0.2-2.0.3 and others (thx to Sean Park)
  • Stripp PHP-SessionID from referrer string
  • Added three russion search engines (from http://register.intruder.ru)
  • Test if function mb_convert_encoding exists, because not all PHP installations have this function
  • Don’t foget to adjust your daylight saving time (+1) in Admin|Options|General

Version 1.6 (27. Feb. 2006)

Version 1.5a (17. Feb. 2006)

  • We from Happy Arts added a new server service: whois.happyarts.net. This service determinates the country from an IP address, using a 300 MB MySQL database from http://www.hostip.info. We could not use hostip, it is to slow and whois.wordpress.de doesn’t work anymore. This fixes the problem that the languages are „Indeterminable“.
  • Fixed some quote marks in incorrect charsets (thx to David), fixed title for links in the two referrers boxes

Version 1.4a

  • for performance reasons show only the last 7 days of hits statistics
  • speedup for weekly statistic (nearly doubled the performance)
  • fixed time difference in weekly statistics

older changes:

  • new host for detecting country code (thx to wordpress.de)
  • fixed time offset calculation in wp_shortstat_display_stats, TodayHits and UniqueHits, now uses time zone configured in WordPress
  • search terms are now saved case insensitive
  • do not check for „is_admin_page“ function anymore, because some plugins like Google Sitemap Plugin from Arne Brachhold include this function an wp-shortstat thinks that we are admin, even on standard pages
  • fixes from http://www.4null4.de/63/wp-shortstat-korrekturen included
  • do not check for „is_admin_page“ function anymore, because some plugins like Google Sitemap Plugin from Arne Brachhold include this function an wp-shortstat thinks that we are admin, even on standard pages
  • multiple fixes for detecting pages that should not been counted
  • page calls from users that are logged in and are admins don’t counted anymore
  • changes from WebKeyDesign included: changed CSS to match WP2 theme (http://www.webkeydesign.com/107/wordpress-20-shortstat-plugin/)
  • naver.com search term recognition added
  • fixed all reported warnings from Zend Code Analyzer

400 Kommentare zu „WP-ShortStat“

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  2. Markus,

    The plugin is still having problems with „Hits in the last week“ being off a day. Just today shows my correc time and day (5:30am on Feb. 13th). „Hits in the last week“ shows today being Feb 14th with the previous day Monday, Feb. 13th.

  3. I like the fixes and enhancements you have made to this plugin. I especially like that I’m capturing stats after having upgraded WordPress to 2.0.1 yesterday.

    I had previously experienced the bug relating to hits last week being off by one day and made a fix to it myself. While I was in that code I also added the day of the week to the line that gives Todays hits so that it says, for example, „Today, Tuesday, 14 Feb 2006“ instead of „Today, 14 Feb 2006“. I just like having the day mentioned there. This feature can be added by changing line 686 in your code from:
    $day = ($i > 0) ? date(„l, j M Y“,$dt_start) : „Today, „.date(„j M Y“,$dt_start);

    $day = ($i > 0) ? date(„l, j M Y“,$dt_start) : „Today, „.date(„l, j M Y“,$dt_start);

    Please consider adding this to your version.

    – Dave

  4. Thanks for incorporating my CSS colors. I tried out the latest 1.4.a and line 83 causes a problem on WordPress 1.52. Removing line 83:

    || is_preview()

    Seems to fix it.

  5. If you’re on 1.5.2 you can revert to Jeff’s original version at least.
    One weird thing in 1.5 (which didn’t affect me, I just noticed it looking at the code copied from the .txt file on theis page and pasted into my text editor)… On this line (229 I think):

    else if (preg_match(„/search.naver./i“, $url[‚host‘])) {
    // Naver search terms are in ‚query‘
    $searchterms = $q[‚query‘]

    all the single quote marks (around ‚query‘ for example) were replaced by the „unrecognized symbol“ mark in my utf-8 text editor. But all the others were fine. I scanned through the whole document and found no other occurrences of this.

    Maybe a „smart quote“ snuck into the code while you weren’t looking.

    Thanks again for all your work on this plug-in!

  6. Opening that .txt file now (Firefox, Mac) I get the single quotes as question marks.

    // Naver search terms are in �query�
    $searchterms = $q[�query�]

    crazy character encoding issues… I had a bear of a time figuring out why Notepad on Windows kept breaking my TiddlyWiki…

    And just out of curiosity, in the modules where you have stuff like:
    php echo $wpss->getResources();
    if I put a number between the parentheses would it vary the number of results returned?

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  8. David, you are correct. The quote marks where in incorrect charsets, I fixed this now. Putting the number in the parantheses would not help, but I added this feature to my todo-list.

  9. Thanks a bundle for making WP-ShortStat WP 2.0.1 compatible! I dearly missed BAStats from the WP 1.5 days, but now there’s a fine working stat-plugin for WP 2.x again.

    Best regards…


  10. Damn, its not working for me at the moment. Getting the same error that I did when I had the 1.5 version installed on my WordPress 2.0

    Fatal error: Non-static method wp_shortstat::maybe_create_table() cannot be called statically in /home/.quiterie/timc3musictech/musictech.timc3.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.1.php on line 72

  11. Hallo, das Script funktioniert wunderbar bei mir. Jedoch ist er bei den Hits immer einen Tag voraus. Allerdings stimmen die Zeit einstellungen von WordPress selber.
    Gibt es hier einen Tipp.

  12. @Allen: The placement of the language box depends on your screen resolution and your browser. Try to use the newest version of wp-shortstat, becuase I improved the CSS a little bit. In later versions, I’ll change more in this area.

    @Tim Child: I can not reproduce your error and can’t say, whats wrong here. Do you have the latest version 2.01 of wordpress and what php do you use?

    @coolman: Many thanks for your updated version, I used most of your changes in version 1.6 and added the german translation. I didn’t like the new layout that much (to small), so I used the old one and improved it a little bit.

    @Stefan: Einen weiteren Bug bei dem Datum der Hits habe ich soeben korrigiert. Probiere mal die aktuellste Version.

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  14. Hallo Markus,
    super funktioniert einwandfrei und das Datum läuft auch.

    Die einzige kleine Änderung die ich noch vorschlagen würde ist wenn du:

    #wp_shortstat .module h3 {
    position: relative;
    margin: 0 0 1px;
    padding: 8px 5px 1px 4px;
    text-align: left;
    font-size: 10px;
    font-weight: normal;
    color: #FFF;
    background-color: #14568A;
    text-shadow: 2px 2px #DFDFDF;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #0D324F;

    die Zeile text-shadow in

    text-shadow: 2px 2px #333333;

    änders. Dann ist die Überschrift der Module wesentlich besser lesbar, da im Moment der Schatten fast genauso hell ist wie der Rest in Safari. So funktioniert es im Safari und Firefox ohne Probleme.

    Gruss Stefan

  15. Hallo Markus, noch ein Fix bzgl. der falschen (zumindestens bei mir) Datumsangabe im „Last Week“-Report:
    -> Zeile 696 nach $day…:

    for ($i=0; $i 0) ? gmstrftime(„%a, %d %b %Y“,$dt_start) : „Heute, „.gmstrftime(„%d %b %Y“,$dt_start);
    $dt_start = $dt_start – 24*60*60;

  16. mkaemmerer: if you need help, do not hesitate to contact me via email! :) I think that wp-shortstat is a really good plugin, the only one featuring this kind of service, as far as I know. So improving it could be even more useful for everyone using wordpress.

  17. Sorry for this double comment again. Since a friend of mine asked me to show referers on his blog, I extended wp-shortstat adding some metatags (like the „more“ to split contents) to wp-shortstat, so that he can now „export“ stats. You can see a demo here


    So, extending its control panel (like slimstat) and adding this „metatag“ feature, could bring us to version 2.0 of this plugin. Or we could ship two files, one for metatags, and the other one for the control panal? Just let me know!

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  20. I am receiving an enormous number of ‚blank‘ referrers with the new version. This may have nothing to do with the plugin and be some form of new „referrer spam“ but thought I’d ask. Can you think of something with the plugin that might cause this? I have upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2 recently, but this did not start happening immediately.

    Love the plugin. Just hoping to find out what this new quirk is. Thanks.

  21. I’ve WP 2.02 here, too and did not see any problems regarding the referrers. If you have more information about this please post again. You may also try an older version, to see if wp-shortstat has something to do with that.

  22. Hi, thanks for fixing this plugin and for your continued support. It seems to work well excpet that ‚Today“ in last week dates is one day ahead of the ‚Hits“ date. The Hits date is the correct one. No other problems I can see…

    Thanks again.

  23. Current WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect Safari 2.0.2-2.0.3 correctly.
    Also, it’s missing some browsers like Flock and SeaMonkey.
    You might want to add this script to the plugin.

    Thank you for keep updating WP-ShortStat!!

  24. Love this new version, much handier changes and all around more useful.

    Requests: Is it possible to implement ajax so certain boxes can be shrunk or rearranged?
    Is there also a way that the css can be changed so it ties in with whatever admin theme is in use (I’m using the tiger style for example). Actually while a lot of this I could do myself a small options section would be quite handy. In fact I think I might start working on that myself (with code being sent to you. No sense in forking development even more..

    Keep up the excellent work!

  25. Chris, using AJAX for this plugin is a great idea. We can do a lot of things to present more or better information on one page. But for myself I can’t do this, because lack of time for this. If you would do some work on this plugin I would be happy to include your code. You may have subversion access to it, too.

  26. Nice plugin, thanks for developing it.

    I just installed 1.6, replacing another version of shortstat (1.3.1) that I’d installed the other day on my WP 2.0.2 blog.

    First thing I noticed with 1.6 and which another commenter here has mentioned – the ‚Last week‘ section under hits is definitely out by one day. For instance, it shows today as 25 March (it’s not, it’s the 24th) but also shows ‚Fri 24 March‘ which is today. I’m in the CET timezone and my blog is set for that timezone.

    But if a fix is in 1.7 I’m not going to be too concerned about it for the moment. Assuming 1.7 is soon?

  27. Neville, there are known bugs in the old wp-shortstat-version. Sometimes it uses the time, the server reports and sometimes the corrected time from wp-shortstat. If the server is not running in the same time-zone than the ‚user‘, there will be differences. I hope, this problem is fixed with the upcomming version 1.7

  28. I’m having issues with funky additions to my urls… In IE Windows, they show up in the address bar. And when MSN indexes pages, it keeps that SESSID in the url so that subsequent unique hits through MSN don’t register in the totals for that page.


    This doesn’t seem to be an issue for other search engines. And the display of the SESSID only seems to affect IE.

  29. Great addition to the WordPress community Markus – 1.7 looks even more stylish than 1.6.

    Like one of the above posters mentioned, there’s definitely some very cool functionality in SlimStat that would add significantly to ShortStat’s value.

    To that end, what’s the possibility of getting selected expanded views? For example, click on ‚Browsers‘ in it’s header and get a full view of every browser detected? Click on ‚Last Week‘ and see the last two weeks (or the last month, or …).

    (Along those lines, Mediapartners-Google/2.1 – IP in my logs – is Google’s AdSense bot. It’s showing up as undeterminable now in the db.

    Since I brought up the topic, getting a look at what bots are hitting the site wouldn’t be bad either …)

    Great plugin – definitely a must-have.

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  33. The first time you update to 1.7 the times will be false in some cases. This should be fixed by itself in some hours. The time offset used in WordPress (Admin|General|Options) will be used only from this version.

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  35. Thanks for adding G’s MediaPartner bot. Since you’ve done that … how about the other big boys? (Not sure what your stance is on bots and versions for these.)

    msnbot/0.9 (+http://search.msn.com/msnbot.htm)
    msnbot/1.0 (+http://search.msn.com/msnbot.htm)

    Yahoo-Blogs/v3.9 (compatible; Mozilla 4.0; MSIE 5 … (showing as v 5.5)

    Feedfetcher-Google; (this is also a bot, but no version information)

    Last, any plans to write a query to go back and fix previous records, or am I safe writing one?

  36. James, i’ve added ‚your‘ bots, they will be included in the next version. I don’t have plans to write something to fix old records, so your are safe to do this.

  37. Thanks Markus – looking forward to it (you’ve certainly been pumping these versions out).

    I’ve still noticed a little bit of a time problem. See http://strivinglife.net/temp/30Mar_Problem.gif (~15 KB).

    I’ve got the time settings set (GMT – 6), and this was displaying correctly for 1.7 (since d and e, however, it’s acted like this). The correct times are getting dumped into the database, but it just looks like a display issue for that one area, for just the last day’s stats.

    If I can provide any additional data to help track this down, please let me know.

  38. James, I know about the time shift problems and this is the reason for 1.7a-1.7e. In the latest version it works for me and some other people, who helped my tracking down this problem. But it seems, that the PHP library has bugs/different behaviors in differnt versions and I don’t get it working on all systems. The problem is, that the time the server where the script runs may not be the same as the local time of the people, wo use the weblog. So wp-shortstat tries to determinate the GMT-Time and uses the offset setting in WordPress|General|Options. What we need to finally fix this is a complete new way to determinate 00:00 of the current day, including all GMT/Servertime/Offfset etc. in this calculation. All versions I’ve tried are working for some pepole and for others not and oposite. So if anyone has some idee I would be happy for an eMail.

  39. I’m looking for an email, but can’t find one … so I’ll post. (Mine: strivinglife [AT] gmail , com I’ll out of town for the next 36 hours, however.)

    From 1.7d to 1.7e, I think you’ve fixed the time issue (at least on my end). However, from the screenshot (and I should have noted what the day was for me), you can see that the previous day is missing – March 30 – even though there’s data for that date (as the other two pulls showed).

    Today, April 1st, I’ve lost March 31st from the pull (no fooling). http://strivinglife.net/temp/31Mar_Problem.gif (~15 KB) The numbers I can see, like March 26-29, match up 1:1.

    According to wp-shortstat, it’s been tracking views since March 17. However, if I sufficiently increase the number of days that are displayed, I see data for March 16.

    If I change my WordPress offset from -6 to -18, March 31 data shows up (and 30 data is lost). If I display the hour and minute in the last week field (line 737), it’s displaying 18:00 for each date, except today (displaying 00:00). Change tz_offset (line 27) to 0, and it shows 00:00 for every day, and yesterday shows up).

    So … maybe wp-shortstat needs it’s own time offset? Have a pull at the bottom right corner that displays what date *and* time wp-shortstat thinks it is, with a text box to enter an offset (in hours). Simple, but surely not elegant …

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  42. Just wanted to say thank you for updating that plugin for us! I donated 5 euros to you for such a good job. I know its not much but just wanted to show my appreciation! Keep up the great work that you do!

  43. Damien, thank you (and all others) for your donation. Every donation is helping us to finance the whois-server and allows us to improve wp-shortstat. Next time we will write an own webserver for the whois-service.

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  49. Is there a way to add the tracking to other pages outside of the wordpress program it self? I run a MiniBB that uses the WordPress User Database and would like ot track hits to that forum as well…. that make sense?

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  51. Yeah! Strike! Got me stats again 8) After upgrading to WP2.0.1 my old stats ceased to work. Didnt like it. Now I’ve got my stats back :-D

    thanks for the good work!

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  53. Hi, I’m getting the follow error when i activate your plugin:

    Fatal error: Non-static method wp_shortstat::maybe_create_table() cannot be called statically in /home/onemomsl/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php on line 75

    I’m using WordPress 2.02 Thanks!

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  56. Been trying to install this statistic tracker, but have no clue. I added it to my wp-content/plugins/ via FTP, its activated, but yeah dont see anything else.

  57. I am using WP 2.0.2 and shortstat 1.8 –

    I am not getting any data on:
    Last Resources

    I AM getting data on:
    Number of Hits

    Any idea why i am getting some of the statistics but not all of them???

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  61. the newest version doesnt work wotj WP 1.5.2 know why? i got a Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_preview() in error, so i deleted that line out and still doesnt work

  62. Lewis, the newest version works only with wordpress 2.02, not with 1.5.x. You may try to remove the line with „is_preview()“, but there may be other problems. You should upgrade wordpress.

  63. My installation is WP2.02 and im getting PHP fatal errors:Call to undefined function: mb_strtolower() in /…/….. on line 220

    with latest wp-shortstats plugin

  64. Ametist, this function is only available, when you have Mutibyte-Support in your PHP installation. In wp-shortstat v1.9a I test for this function, so it should work for your, too. But remember: without this function, wp-shortstat can not handle special charaters like german umlauts.

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  66. After installing the last version (1.9b) my site doesn’t validate anymore.
    I got the following message when trying to validate at W3C: „500 EOF when chunk header expected“.

    Also my feeds don’t work anymore.

    With a previous version (1.6) the site works perfectly.

    Any idea? Or where can I get a previous version?

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  69. the administrator of the system hosting my blog dropped me a note today, after finding my account to be monopolizing mysql connections:

    it is your new wp-shortstat file [v 1.9b] that is breaking things. it has no timeout on the udp connection to happyarts and so it can hang for days, chewing up a mysql connection, plus an apache instance.

    I’ve disabled the plugin for the nonce. Additionally, he asked that I „let them know that a timeout definitely needs to be added to the udp lookup (not just the open) or they’ll be annoying a lot of web hosting shops…“

    So, looks like I’m going to roll back to an earlier version for a while.

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  71. Warning: parse_url(file://c:\projects\wwwparser2\html504golb_linkoski_net.html): Unable to parse url in /home/linkoski/public_html/golb/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php on line 653

    This just started showing up this morning. Any ideas?

  72. For those like me whose the UDP doesn’t work and can’t get the country statistics, you can get a working version here.

    Markus, I’ve fixed the file indentation, if you are interested you can get it and uncomment the UDP thing, hope you find it useful.

  73. Samuel, your version disables the UDP version of the country detection and uses the old TCP/IP version. Our server can’t handle the load with TCP connections, so use this version ONLY if UDP doesn’t work. We can not guarantee that the TCP server will be online for a longer time.

  74. I am thinking Dan might be right and the latest 1.10 version is slowing down site. My site is running slow and it appears in might be ShortStat. I just disabled it and performance seems better. I currently have it disabled. My database is show 96,578 in ss_stats and 1606 in ss_search. My host is using MySQL 4.0.16.

  75. Just upgraded from Jeff Minard’s plugin on my blog to 1.10 of this version. Now, no new referrers are added but the script displays all my old stats just fine. I’m using WordPress 2.0.2. Any ideas?

  76. Hi there,
    I have the same problem as Robert. I have got an enormous number of ‘blank’ referrers. Actually I haven’t got any user with a referer. It is simply impossible so many users switched off their referers. I am using WP 2.0.2 and ShortStat 1.10.
    I would like to test an older version of ShortStat but I did not find any links to older versions.
    But apart from that, keep up the good work!

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  82. Thezip file for new Version 1.11 is much smaller then in previous version.

    I could not make it to work. It is 12k as oppose to previous 37k.

    Am I doing something wrong here?


  83. I have tried to unzip the file using the WINZIP and getting thr following message – „Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.“

    I tried it with WINZIP, RARZIP, 7-ZIP and could not do it.

    Please help

  84. George, our download file is corrupt. Try another browser, Internet Explorer has sometimes problems with zip files. The file on our server is definitly ok.

  85. Pingback: Anonymous

  86. Thanks Markus , I was having problems getting Shortstat to work after installing wordpress 2.02, but your version works just fine.

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  91. Conflicts with Contact Form ][ (WP-2.0.x) when WP-SlimStat 0.9.2 is activated.

    My contact page renders this error:

    „Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: cachedfilereader in …/wordpress/wp-includes/wp-l10n.php on line 67“

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  95. When using your version of the plugin with WP 2.0.4 I get the error:

    „Warning: mysql_affected_rows(): A link to the server could not be established in /www/htdocs/w005ebc4/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 161“

    When I deactivate your plugin, the error is gone. Any hints on this?

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  97. If the screen (or browser) size is large enough, the statistics renders correctly, also with Firefox. Because of the HTML limits it is not easy to fix this for all browsers and resolutions.

  98. Michelle Diener

    Hi Markus

    After struggling to get wp-shortstat to work, I found your improved version. Thank you for all your hard work. While it is recording hits, browers, platforms, language and resources, the other tables are blank. I’m using wordpress 2.0.4. Any advice for me?

  99. Hi I’m not getting any info in the following boxes:
    Last Keywords
    Last Resources
    Last Referers

    Any reason why? I’m getting hits to my blog from other pages but there just not showing up. I’m using WordPress 2.04

  100. Pingback: Shortstat on Wordpress 2.0.1 » JaypeeOnline

  101. Does anyone know whether on the Hits+RSS column, the RSS is showning Hits via RSS or Subscribtions to the RSS feed?

    I think it’s the former, but I just wanted to check…


    / Hami

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  103. I cant seem to get any stats anymore. It just stopped collecting things on Oct 14th… and just showing 0+0 on the hits now.. any help? I removed it and put it back but still shows the same thing…

  104. Pingback: Hamskifte

  105. Because I can don’t have access to the original sites, i coudn’t solve most of the last bugs from the reports here. At the top of the page is now a debug version available, which could hep to find the remaining problems.

  106. I installed the plugin and it doesn’t seem to have created the database table because I get the following error:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‚Wordpress.wp_ss_stats‘ doesn’t exist]

    The display exists in the Dashboard section – just windows with the above error beginning a list of errors.

    I am using PHP 4.3.10-16, MySQL 4.0.24_Debian-10sarge2-log, WordPress 2.0.4

    Any ideas?

  107. I have disabled and reenabled the plugin several times and I’ve installed other plugins recently that have created new tables – eg today I actiivated Bad Behaviour and it has created a table no problem. Co-incidentally I have found that when I activate Slimstat plugin I also get the problem of the table not being created.

  108. Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear but I have been able to get neither Slimstat nor Shortstat to work. Neither of them will create tables. I would like one of them to work, but I have no tables created for them to get going. At the moment I am trying to get Shortstat going and don’t have Slimstat activated.

    Any suggestions for a workaround?

  109. Doing as you suggested I replaced the standard version with the debug version and looking at the site with Opera I found no extra information at the bottom of the page.

    Is there any way I can create the table manually, as it were?

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  112. Is there a way to clear the table but keep the data so that once in a while when there are a million rows – they can be cleared without losing the cumulative total to date?

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  116. marilyn's shampoo

    firstly, let me say i LOVE this plugin!!!!!
    what i was wondering was whether there is any way to display any of this info on my blog with out having to use an independant hit counter?
    did i mention that i LOVE it??

  117. I have version WP 2.0.5 and it doesnt work at all! I try to disable and activite it. but still no luck. any ideas to make it work for the new version!



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  122. Hallo,

    wie kann ich denn einstellen dass meine Logs nicht mitgezählt werden???
    Ich hatte das schon mal mit deinem Plugin so dass es mich nicht mitgezählt hatte.

    Lieben Dank

  123. Hallo Markus,
    Vielen Dank für Deine Antwort.
    Meine Views wurden immer mitgezählt, das lag aber wohl an einem Fehler in der Datenbank (nach Blogumzug).
    Habe jetzt meine DB Sicherung neu eingespielt und jetzt geht es wieder wie gewohnt.

    Vielen Dank für das klasse Plugin!!!


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  125. also das plugin ist super! hatte zu für 1 stunde ein anderes stat-plugin probiert, dieses ist nun aber schon länger angenehmer begleiter :)

    das problem bei meinem blog ist nur dass ca. 80% aller visits von bots stammen (bitte keine kommentare hierzu :) )
    um einigermaßen realistische stats hinzukriegen lösche ich einfach regelmäßig die sql-zeilen die von bots handeln.

    gibts da eine einfachere lösung? (zB dass definierte bots nicht mitgezählt werden … so wie es momentan bereits bei admin-hits ist)

    wie auch immer, danke nochmals für all die arbeit,

  126. Kleiner Tip,

    die deutsche Sparchendatei wurde bei mir nicht geladen, ich musste den Pfad angeben :

    Zeile 956 : load_plugin_textdomain(‚wp-shortstat‘,’wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat‘);

  127. First of all, thanks for your mods, i can have shortstat working again on a v2 blog.

    Second, i have to say i had trouble finding this updated version, can you arrange with the previous authors to have them point to your site ?


  128. Daniel: Im Sourcecode gibt es verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Bots zu erkennen. Diese sollten im Bereich Browsers auch angezeigt werden. Sollten bei Dir Bots auftauchen, die nicht als solche erkannt werden, kannst du sie gern ergänzen und mir den Code schicken. Evtl. könnte man die Statistik mal teilen und die Bots markieren und herausfiltern.

  129. danke für die antwort
    diese 2 fehlten bei mir: „Crawler/Search Engine“ und „Technoratibot“
    werd mich vor dem einbauen noch bischen weiter einlernen in den code

    aber eigentlich ist es genau umgekehrt wie du gerade geschrieben hast?!
    nur im bereich „browsers“ werden die bots ausgeschlossen. bei zB „last week“ die unique+hits zählen alle bots mit

  130. I try to install on my WP 2.0.5 and some code work but other code doesn’t work, this list that doesn’t work
    – List Country
    – List Operating System
    – List Browser

    On List country I got this message

    please update wpshortstat

    But what must update? I go to this page, and doesn’t get new version

    My WP-ShortStat version 1.12, please help me how to fix it.


  131. Jauhari: there may be two reasons for this. Either the message is from an old wp-shortstat or the udp port of your server is not open and wp-shortstat has to use the fallback function. But because of the server load we had to switch off this fallback. In the newest wp-shortstat this fallback won’t be called anymore.

  132. When new version was released? I was use the latest 1.12 and I was try to delete my old stats tables, and disable the plugins and enable again, after that I check and still got that problem

    Please help

  133. I was download the lates 1.12a and delete my Old table and enable my New Version WP-ShortStat, and I ask my friend to browse my blog, and I try to lookup on my WP-ShortStat Dashboard and I still have question. Like this

    – WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect Browser that used by user
    – WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect what Operating System that used by user
    – WP-ShortStat doesn’t detect Country of user

    How to make WP-ShortStat detect that?

    Please help

  134. Jauhari: the country code is only detected, when you have UDP access to our server. And it seems that your browser code is not interpreted, this may be a php/apache/etc. configuration error.

  135. Pingback: Dr. Mikes Blog » WP-Shortstat get an upgrade

  136. I’m also getting a udp error displayed on my site (shows up in FF and IE, but not in Safari).

    Assuming my ISP won’t handle the udp connection, how can I fix this? Can I comment-out the whole function in php? This is a deal-breaker for me.

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  138. BTW – I’ve noticed that this plugin needs an update for WordPress 2.1 – it hasn’t tracked any stats at all on any of the blogs I’ve updated to 2.1.

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  141. Gareth J M Saunders

    I get no stats for Browsers, Platforms or Countries either.

    Additionally in the Countries box I get this message:

    Countries Visits
    please update wpshortstat 1

    Any idea why I can’t get this information? I’m hosted with Pipex WebFusion.

    Otherwise I’m really happy with it.

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  144. Hey!

    Really nice plugin, but I was wondering if I could get some kind of code to paste in the footer so people can see my stats, just the total and unique visistors for today or since is had been running for example..

    Is this possible because that would be really nice!



  145. Cryil: at the moment it is not possible to display values outside the admin interface. There are some patches, which allow this, but you have to search for them and maybe adapt it to wp-shortstat.

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  164. You should mention that the database grows bigger than the whole rest of the installation – mine has 4MB in just a couple of weeks.

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  179. Hi,
    I love this plugin… but it just started to show the following error :
    Warning: parse_url(http://): Unable to parse url in /home/content/a/n/g/angelabliss/html/wp-content/plugins/short/wp-shortstat.php on line 675

    I know you mention it is not fatal, but still, I would love to either get a patch to fix this or insight into how to remove the entry that is causing this fail message.

    Thanks in advance,

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  196. Just a small correction.
    There is a test of mb_convert_encoding at line 691, if it exists it uses it. But sometimes is buggy mb_convert_encoding function unable to detect correct incoming encoding, which will result as a php warning message in your stats. Easiest way is ignore this message and let it go.
    Line 692: ‚@mb_convert_encoding‘ instead of ‚mb_convert_encoding‘

    Thanks for your work, it’s really nice small WP plugin.

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  199. This code to look up the country no longer works:

    No longer seems to work (returns blank) — is whois.happyarts.net down???

    Thank you!

    Bill Bishop

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  205. Greetings, nice work with this plugin. The Browsers, Platforms and Contries columns of the databasetable aren’t filling up as they should. As I understand it you have cut access to the whois for countrycodes, but does that explain browsers and platforms?

    Best regards,

  206. Just a small update, I get the following error when using the debug version:

    Notice: Undefined variable: ua in /path/to/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php on line 112

  207. Another update :) On line 112 I changed $ua to $_SERVER[‚HTTP_USER_AGENT‘] and it seems to start filling up the tables, at least for platforms.

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  210. Markus: I might be interested in doing some coding so that the ip2contry stuff can get working. Do you have any suggestions on where I can get info on IP ranges and their respective countries and so on?

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  215. Hi,
    great plugin, it’s nice and direct in giving information about statistics.
    But if I access WP from an Ubuntu via Firefox it doesn’t register any other browser does on the same system. Tested from multiple systems. Firefox on Ubuntu doesn’t even make a database entry.

  216. Greetings. For some reason a few weeks ago the stats started breaking, this turned out to be the result of some hits having no referrers were beeing treated as though they had. And they were then sent through parse_url returning an error (since there was no url, and http:/// had been sent/defaulted instead).

    As a quick fix for this I added an if statement in getReferers and getLastKeywords, where if $r->referer != „http:///“ it ran parse_url, and else $url = „“.

    Don’t know why this started occuring, and I would like to note that I am running a slightly adapted wp-shortstat to work with mu (se http://development.sier.no for info), but I can’t see that any of my changes should be the cause for this error.

  217. Hello Markus,

    I love this plugin, but notice that it does not display all statistics under WordPress 2.5.

    Any chance that you will upgrade the plugin for 2.5?

    Thank you!

  218. I have no wordpress 2.5 installation at the moment, but I’ll test wp-shortstat with 2.5 in the next view weeks and will do any changes to get it working. If anyone know specific problems, please write an mail.

  219. I’m running wordpress 2.5 currently, and I have installed the wp-shortstat plugin and it’s not displaying any statistics at all, even though I know the site has been hit upon.

    thanks for your help.

  220. Hello Markus,

    I didn’t see a 1.13c listed in this post. Can I use the same download link above?

    GREAT plugin, by the way!

    Suggestion – add a section that lists and shows when the Search Engine bots come to visit.



  221. I have updated wp-shortstat to the latest version, but I am still not getting any data on the Countries tab (it simply states ‚please update wp-shortstat‘). This has been the case since October 2007 and I’ve not been able to fix this. Is there a known solution to this problem?

  222. Damanique, the Countries tab is not working, because we have to shut down because of stability problems and heavy traffic (see version 1.12b above). The message „please update wp-shortstat“ will not disapear again, until you truncate the database.

  223. Ich habe seit heute unter „last keywords“ die Meldung:
    Warning: parse_url(http:///) [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse url in /www/htdocs/…/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat/wp-shortstat.php on line 688

    Habe unter phpMyAdmin die Datenbank optimiert und repariert, aber der Fehler bleibt. Dito von 1.13a auf 1.13c aktualisiert. Ebenfalls ohne Änderung. Wie könnte ich es lösen?

  224. Okay, wie ich oben dann doch gefunden habe, handelt es sich nur um eine Warnung, die man ignorieren kann. Hmm, aber es sind fünf Fehler direkt hintereinander und meine letzten Testaufrufe via Google werden bislang nicht unter den Keywords angezeigt. Okay, mal abwarten.

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  226. Hello,

    I have one small issue with wpmu. Once I’ve activated it, the link to my dashboard is :


    Which leads me to a blank page … Any idea how to fix this ?

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  230. I’ve really enjoyed your plugin and thought I would return the favor some by offering the new aesthetic touches I put on the plugin. I’ve tried to incorporate quite a bit of what Shaun Inman has done in Mint so the overall look is effectively Minty. I’ve tested it in IE7 and Firefox 2/3 let me know if you’re interested.


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  235. hi markus,

    super plugin, zig-fach erfolgreich installiert – und jetzt taucht doch ein problem auf: installation funktioniert ohne fehlermeldung, die tabbelen auf der plugin-seite sind leer! habe in php-my-admin nachgesehen: die tabellen ss_stats wurden nicht angelegt. habs jetzt ein paar mal wiederholt, nix tut sich. eine idee???


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  240. I see everything from „Last Week“ to „Platforms“ . After „Platforms“, there is only the „Countries“ title bar with no window or data, and then the „Languages“ widnow with data . So some windows/data are not here. Also, how can I make the windows larger?

  241. Upgrade Plugin
    Downloading update from http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/wp-shortstat2.zip

    Unpacking the update

    Deactivating the plugin

    Removing the old version of the plugin

    Installing the latest version

    Plugin upgraded successfully

    Attempting reactivation of the plugin

    Plugin failed to reactivate due to a fatal error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_shortstat_display_stats() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat2/wp-shortstat.php:954) in /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat2/wp-shortstat.php on line 1009

  242. I get a fatal error when I activate the latest version:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_shortstat_display_stats() (previously declared in /home/golddave/public_html/nothing/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php:954) in /home/golddave/public_html/nothing/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php on line 1009

    Please help.

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  244. I would like to know if there is a sidebar widget for Shortstat? I like the way the plugin works, but I would like to be able to see the days stats from the sidebar, without having to go to the admin screen.

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  247. I get this error under last keywords: Warning: parse_url(http://) [function.parse-url]: Unable to parse URL in /home/ofnature/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat2/wp-shortstat.php on line 671

    However even with this error it still continues to track my visitors. I had the same error under laster referers, but it went away.

    The program is still working GREAT!, I just wanted to let you know about those two little bugs.

    Thanks for the awesome plug-in!!

  248. Use error_reporting(E_ERROR); and ini_set(‚display_errors‘, ‚off‘); inside the script (from line 75) or disable error reporting in the php.ini file. In the next version of wp-shortstat this will be the standard setting.

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  253. Is there a way to make the Shortstat in another language? I want to put the whole stats in the local language. My PHP skills are minimal and i create translations with the CodeStyling Localization plugin for WordPress. I already made a translation but Shortstat doesn’t use it.

  254. @Sypie: You need the *.po files, translate them to *.mo-files. The *.mo file (e.g. wp-shortstat-de_DE.mo ) must be located in the plugin directory. If you have a new translation, you can send it to me per eMail an I’ll include it in the next release.

  255. Great plugin, but I am now getting errors which did not happen before. In ‚Last Keywords‘ this appears: Warning: parse_url(http://lenuw.comConnection: close): Unable to parse url in /home/MyDomainPath/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat2/wp-shortstat.php on line 675

    And in ‚Last Referers‘ this appears: Warning: parse_url(http://lenuw.comConnection: close): Unable to parse url in /homeMyDomainPath/wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat2/wp-shortstat.php on line 648

    I also note that the panel shows me ten boxes not eleven (countries is missing). Otherwise this has been a great plugin.

  256. @Markus: this way to put the language file you make a little mess on the server.
    Now it is: /wp-content/plugins/ *.mo file
    it would be better to make it: /wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat/languages/*.mo file with a selection for the right language in the Plugins section of WordPress.

    Every plugin stays in it’s own folder except ShortStat.

    Send me an e-mail with your address and i can give you the Dutch translation.

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  260. Can you show me how to enable ShortStat to send me a list of the search terms people perform on my blog with the data from the „Last Keywords“ column?

    I’m sure some PHP guru could whip up some array, echo, list scenario, but it’s over my head.

    Much thanks for anybody that passes that on!

  261. With regards to reducing the size of database:
    Can you introduce an option in admin to delete old data?
    Delete Old data [YES/NO], Delete how many entries = [n], Clear entries every [x] days/seconds.
    Then an automatic scheduled action runs every ‚x‘ days/seconds, to delete the oldest ’n‘ number of records from the WP-ShortStat table, wp_ss_stats.
    Any ideas?


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  263. Mike Gaudet

    I love your program, it helps me to gauge reaction to my entries. However, I have two questions:

    1) Do you have documentation that explains each of the pieces of data? E.g., the Hits+RSS.

    2) Assuming the data is still in my database, how do i run a report similar to ‚Last Week‘ but for a longer period of time?

    Thanks again,

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  274. Mortgage_Master

    I installed Wp-SS on a blog that I had built, and it was on there for about six months. I then, recently changed the domain name, but kept the same host.

    Now, the hit counter still works, but I am unable to get the RSS Feed counter to show any activity. This is after re-registering the RSS feed with about five feed sites.

    Can you please help.

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  289. Hi Marcus – quick question…

    I’ve just installed WP Shortstats on a brand new blog – as in an hour or so new – and almost immediately saw 11 uniques in the Last Week Panel.

    Are the uniques a mix of bots and real visitors? I’ve always perhaps mistakenly thought that uniques here meant people?




  290. I have been using ShortStat for over two years and like it very much.
    But 4 days ago it stopped working. It simply shows 0 visitors. I have not changed anything on our site. Our hosting service (Bluehost) has looked at our logs but saw no errors.
    I would like to know how to get it working again.
    Thank you.
    Bob Gall

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